Pictures from Daryn Gomes

/4members/DGomes/thumb/Cleaning rooms for a CG--Ft McCoy Wisc--Med 85-86.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/D_G_15.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb//D_G_16.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/E-tool qualifying Gomes and Connors-Sardinia cobra.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Foriegn Legion in France--Sky rig in Portugal-Panama city.jpg
/4members/DGomes/thumb/Gomes Lejuene CG --SGT Smith Cpl Moran Sgt_ Making a head call in the cold.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Hamburg Germany manning the rails--Sea legs to Norway--2ndplt I CO 3rd 4thMar.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/IST Geiger Rambro---Sardinia.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Korea 2ndplt 3rd 4th MAr I Co.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Lcpl Reed Watson Gomes 2nd plt 3rd 4Mar I co.jpg
/4members/DGomes/thumb/Lcpl Santos the moring after Only the shadow knows--Panama.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Med Cruise 85-86 LST Manitawoc--LAAVs.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Med--Panama--Korea 2ndplt getting drunk off OB Beer.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Pita Cannon Neely Gomes CAX--Gomes Digavoni Yipe Tunisa--Rivera Digavoni Gomes Med 85-86.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Sardinia- Cannon Mason Gomes Fire team--Digging Tank traps could not shut my mouth--Cold weather.jpg
/4members/DGomes/thumb/Sardinia, Tunisia- LPH Nassau.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Sgt Eastmond Gomes Best Friends 4 life--My Birthday Korea-Germany.jpg /4members/DGomes/thumb/Watson Gomes--Hale --Gomes  Big Gomes Little Gomes Venice Italy.jpg

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