A Corpsman's Tribute
by: "Doc" Crankshaw
copyright 2000

To my brothers in the Corps
I say with all my heart
There's not a finer group of men
I'm proud I was a part.
And though I was a Navy man
I wore Mearine Corp green
I went to Nam a sailor
But left there a Marine

So I salute you, my brothers
And wish you "Semper Fi"
I love you guys with all my soul
Untill the day I die.
And when I do I am sure as hell
They'll be there at the gate
And say to me, "What kept ya, Doc?
You're just a few years late.

We're completely out of salt tabs,
and our feet are tired and sore.
We've smoked up all our cigarettes
Do you have any more?
Ya see, while chasing that ole Devil,
The "Preacher" sprained his wing.
We're completely out of morphine
Ain't got a_-----------thing.
Can ya help us out there, Doc
Can you lend a hand"
"Oh quite your bitching, Gunny
You damned well know I can."

"I swear I can't leave you guys
Not even for a minute
As soon as my back is turned
You jump right back in it.
Gonzales, you cover my butt
While I check out Preacher's wing
And if you see ole Satan,
You make the Sixty sing."

"I'm gald to see ya'll, you old farts
To be with you all once more
And I'm proud as hell that I'm a part
Of God's Ma-rine Corps."

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