Pictures Submitted by Sgt Howard Cooper 84-97

anker gets some.jpg - 209201 Bytes
LCpl Mike Anker and Frined Palma de Mallorca, Spain Dec 1985

cadre.jpg - 136534 Bytes
Cadre Ceremony: 3/4 Disbanded Sept 1988 at Camp Geiger

comm beach bums.jpg - 100523 Bytes
Toulon, France
(L-R) L/Cpl Steve Clifford, L/Cpl Myles Brinkos
L/Cpl Carlos Torres, L/Cpl Jim Cassity, L/Cpl Mike Anker

comm34.jpg - 147369 Bytes
Comm Section Camp LeJeune,NC "We Need More Beer"

distant hammer 86.jpg - 79169 Bytes
Distant Hammer 1986, Sardina

docs.jpg - 130552 Bytes
Docs on Liberty, Toulon, France 1986 Where's the USO?

flowers at work.jpg - 88744 Bytes
Cpl Joe Flowers hard at work. Med Cruise 1985-86

gy bustemante.jpg - 36679 Bytes
GySgt Ken Bustemante Comm Chief 3/4 "Don't touch my Vette!"

manmano-burton-blinky.jpg - 97896 Bytes
(L-R) L/Cpl Hector Manmano, L/Cpl Joe Burton, L/Cpl Keith "Blinky" Kosteroski,
Med Cruis 1985-86

radio watch.jpg - 92540 Bytes
(L-R)Cpl Bob "Mannix" Maniscalco, LCpl Carlos Torres, LCpl Steve Tuey, Cpl Howard Cooper
Midnight radio watch, Italy Jan 86 Med Cruis 1985-86

rawls-tuey-burton-cador.jpg - 93005 Bytes
(L-R)Cpl Kevin Rawls, Cpl Steve "Shit Kicker" Tuey,
Cpl "Jerky" Joe Burton, Cpl John Cador, Okinawa 87-88 Camp Schwab

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