Third Bn Fourth Marines Change of Command July 2004.

Association members attended the Thundering Third change of command held this July at 29 Palms MCB. Lt. Colonel McCoy handed the Battalion off to Lt. Colonel Kennedy. Association members in attendance were Oscar Kergalvis, Jim Fortner, Brad Fagerstrom and Col Henry. After the cermonies they retired to the O club to hear some after action reports from their latest tour of duty in Iraq.

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dsc01168.jpg - 45477 Bytes Association Members L to R , Kergalvis,Faggerstrom, Fortner with Lt.Colonel McCoy holding an association application.
dsc01183.jpg - 53422 Bytes Lt. Colonel McCoy with Exec A.J Petrucci
dsc01187.jpg - 37136 Bytes Sgt Maj Howell with Oscar Kergalvis, that's Oscars picture in background in a CH-46 on the way to Operation Hastings
dsc01188.jpg - 35099 Bytes L to R, Brad Faggerstrom, Col Henry (ex officer on Hastings), and Oscar Kergalvis
dsc01192.jpg - 47235 Bytes Sgt Maj Howell talking with Jim Conklin.
dsc01195.jpg - 34585 Bytes 3rd Bn 4th Marines Roll Call.
dsc01203.jpg - 45817 Bytes Gunny Courville waiting for cermony to begin.
dsc01223.jpg - 42272 Bytes Gunny Courville Narrator of Change of Command Cermony.
dsc01233.jpg - 46844 Bytes Sgt Maj Howell handing colors to McCoy then Mccoy handing colors to Kennedy
dsc01251.jpg - 35802 Bytes Bn Pass and Review, McCoy and Kennedy
dsc01266.jpg - 43478 Bytes Bn Pass and Review, McCoy and Kennedy with VIP section
dsc01267.jpg - 49338 Bytes Lt.Colonel McCoy Left, Lt. Colonel Kennedy

Pictures submitted by Brad Fagerstrom